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Car Air Purifier Negative Ionizer

Car Air Purifier Negative Ionizer

  • $24.95

This little negative ion car purifier packs a real punch. While being one of the smallest plug-in car air purifiers it emits more than double the negative ions than much of it's competitors, emitting 1.5 million negative ions a cubic centimeter. Just plug it in to an available cigarette lighter outlet and let it do its job.

How does it work?

While your car is turned on and the purifier is plugged in, it is always automatically working, emitting negative ions. The negative ions work by cleaning the air of impurities such as dust, pollen, car exhaust, smoke, molds, and many other pollutants. The beauty of negative ions is, they are safe, and effective. No need to worry about overexposure like some other types of air purification. Some studies have even shown negative ions to have a healing effect.