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Nutriteam Model 5A Automatic Distiller

Nutriteam Model 5A Automatic Distiller

  • $1,595.00

The 5A can safely operate 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Model 5A eliminates viruses, bacteria, heavy-metals, radon, pesticide residues, volatile organic compounds, and more.

Model 5A is the most efficient distiller on the market today. It employs a unique heat-recovery system to increase output and lower electrical costs. Intake water to the boiler is pre-heated to 140 degrees Farenheit to lower costs dramatically. This is accomplished by capturing heat from the distillation process with a specially-designed radiator. Why is this such a great feature? Well water can average as low as 45 degrees F. in New England, and city water is never more than room-temperature. Raising the temperature of a gallon of water from room temperature(or lower) to 212 degrees takes a fair amount of energy. Raising the temperature from 140 degrees saves a lot of electricity. This feature alone makes the NutriTeam Model 5A well worth the investment.

The automatic filling feature is easily connected to a convenient water source.(You can install it yourself.) The automatic float level control coordinates precise filling of the boiler and storage tank. The boiler is automatically switched from stand-by to active duty when called for.

To clean the boiler, simply turn off the electricity, open the drain valve on the side of the unit, and drain away the contaminants. For inspection and cleaning, there is an easily-removed cover with gasket. Permit the boiler to refill before turning on the electricity to the heating element(there is a separate switch for this). Draining of scale needs to be done only once a month, on average.

A special magnetic device is now included on Model 5A at no additional charge. This magnetic conditioner dramatically reduces scale, the mineral build-up that usually forms when hard water is heated. This is a very important innovation in distiller performance.

A multi-stage pre-filter is now also included with the 5A at no charge. This filter removes chlorine, fluorides, pesticides and other volatile organics. Replace this cartridge after 1500 gallons of use. Larger sizes(10-gallon and 15-gallon storage tanks) are available. An on-call pump for making pure ice or dispensing water is an available option for all units.

Buyer Beware: Some unscrupulous importers are falsely over-stating their distiller output by combining real output with storage capacity. Shop carefully!