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Distilled Water

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Water Distillation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Some Say Removing The Minerals From Water Is Bad?

In many cases it may just be that is what they were told, or what they believe based on their own theories. However, much of the printed information available that promotes mineral water as a good thing comes from two sources. Bottled water companies, and water filter companies. I appreciate the value of both, I drink bottled water on convenient occasions, and I believe filters have their place and value. But the fact is that some of the strongest arguments against distilling your water and removing the minerals come from a few doctors who actually sell and promote water filter systems. Their arguments while well thought out and seemingly reasonable are all based on theory and not actual facts. They seem to forget that fact that we actually get most of, or all of our minerals through the food we eat.

Will Drinking Distilled Water Leach Minerals From My Body?

This is a reasoning point that some of the proponents for filters and bottled water use. They reason that water in it's purest form will leach minerals from your body. Again, there has never been 1 study to suggest this, only theories. It is true that water is the universal solvent but nothing suggests that distilled water will absorb more minerals than mineral water. There are no case studies or people that I have ever heard of claiming that distilled water caused a mineral depletion or other ill effects, even after years of use. Another theory is that removing the minerals may increase the acidity of the body.

So, is Removing Minerals From My Water Bad?

It would seem when we stick to the facts and leave the theories aside, the answer is a resounding, no. The facts are, food is mineral rich and the best way to get minerals. Actual amount of minerals present in a glass of water is inconsistent, and many of the minerals naturally occuring in water are not absorbed by the body. Remember the whole reason we are talking about removing the minerals from our water is because either we have experienced ill-health from an overload of particular minerals, have heard of the health benefits associated with pure distilled water, or are concerned over other contaminates found in our tap water. So while I may on occasion still drink from the tap,or purchase a convenient bottle of water on a trip, I feel the most confident drinking pure distilled water.