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MH943SBS Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller, Glass Collection

  • $299.00

MH943SBS Megahome Heavy Duty Distiller with glass collection has all the great features of the standard Megahome water distillers but with a ultra high quality 316 grade stainless boil chamber and dome. It distills 1 gallon of pure distilled water in 5.5 hours. It has an automatic shut-off so that the unit will stop automatically at the end of a batch cycle.

What makes 316 stainless steel more durable?

What distinguishes Type 316 from Type 304 is the addition of molybdenum up to a maximum of 3%. Molybdenum increases the corrosion resistance of this chromium-nickel alloy to withstand attack by many industrial chemicals and solvents, and, in particular, inhibits pitting caused by chlorides. As such, molybdenum is one of the single most useful alloying additives in the fight against corrosion.

By virtue of the molybdenum addition, Type 316 can withstand corrosive attack by sodium and calcium brines, hypochlorite solutions, phosphoric acid; and the sulfite liquors and sulfurous acids used in the paper pulp industry. This alloy, therefore, is specified for industrial equipment that handles the corrosive process chemicals used to produce inks, rayons, photographic chemicals, paper, textiles, bleaches, and rubber. Type 316 is also used extensively for surgical implants within the hostile environment of the body.

Product Specifications:

316 Marine Grade Stainless steel boiling chamber including stainless steel dome. 
Distiller Output -16 liters(Over 4 gallons)/day
Size: 8 in.(20cm) width X 14 1/4 in.(36cm) hght. 
Power source: AC 120V/60Hz 
Power Consumption: 580W (Total) Heater 565W / Cooling Fan 15W 
Weight: 3.5 Kg(7.7lbs) 
Capacity: 4 L.(1 gal.) per 5.5 hours. 
Warranty: 1 Year, Parts and Labor.

Collection: Glass Carafe

Please Note: Most customers will not need to choose this special heavy duty version of the Megahome water distiller. We would recommend this distiller to customers with water sources that are known to be corrosive. This includes but is not limited to water sources with high levels of chlorides, sodium and calcium, or acids.

When it comes to countertop water distillers Megahome Corp. has been setting the pace and standard in distiller manufacturing for over 20 years. This special heavy duty model is no exception and is not offered by any other water distiller manufacturer.